Training & Placement Program

The training and placement program of SVGOI starts from the second Semester itself. The student has to go through a range of assessment tests designed by the experts and Strength and weakness analysis is conducted for each student on the basis of the performance in these tests. Based on the outcome and findings of the analysis the students are guided towards a path leading towards a very successful career . The salient features are.

During the start of the semester a student has to undergo a general assessment test which determines the understanding of the Engineering concepts and where ever the student is found to be below the set parameters, the student is advised to go through a bridge course so as to strengthen the shortcomings.

Technical Training is an essential component of curriculum which provides practical orientation to students. During training students have to undergo rigorous training so as to gain in-depth knowledge and skills to understand the problem and learn to work out their solutions. Training offered at various levels are:

  • Training (6weeks) -- After 1st Year

  • Institutional Training (6weeks) -- After 2nd Year

  • Industrial Training (6 Months) -- During 4th Year

During third year of their studies when the students are getting ripe enough to face the recruiters, they are put through employability skill developments courses which cover quantitative, reasoning, verbal and communication skills development and aptitude build up sessions. These courses are out sourced and are conducted by renowned and well established trainers.

After the completion of these skill development sessions which varies from 50 to 60 hours durations, the students have to appear for Employability assessment tests conducted by experts in the fields. The results of the tests are analyzed and shared with the prospective recruiters, who pick up the students based on their performance and aptitude.

General Instructions for 6 months Industrial Training

Industrial Training Project Synopsis,Mid Term & Report Format