Swami Vivekanand Industrial Training Centre (SVITC)

Swami Vivekanand Industrial Training Centre, Ramnagar, Banur is affiliated with Directorate of Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab as well as with the Director-General of Employment & Training (D.G.E.T.), New Delhi. The Institute is governed by National Council for Vocational Trade (N.C.V.T). The students of trades/units which are affiliated on the date of admission are eligible for All India Trade Test for the award of National Trade Certificate.

The aim of the Industrial Training Centre (I.T.C) is to create a learning environment for the trainees and provide opportunities for them to realize their complete potential. Emphasis is laid on character building and development of individual aptitudes for learning and ability to adapt to the society. Our main objective is to provide a curriculum designed to develop a trainee physically, intellectually and emotionally so that the student emerges as a responsible and well balanced fully technical skilled citizen who can adjust in the modern industry as well as future entrepreneur.

In addition, the SVITC is committed:

  1. To ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for the industry and maintaining the requirement of local Industry.
  2. To help to raise the quality and quantity of industrial production by systematic training of workers.
  3. To reduce unemployment among the educated youth by equipping them for suitable industrial employment.

Employability Skill

To enhance the employability Skill of the students National Council for Vocational Trade has introduced a new subject-Employability skill w.e.f Session 2012 onwards to enhance their acceptability in the market.

Part – I covers English language course such as pronunciation, functional grammar, Reading, writing and speaking.

Part – II covers communication skill need for communication, its importance process of communication, types of communication – verbal, non verbal, written e-mail, talking on phone. Motivated Training, self awareness importance of commitment, Positive attitude, Facing interviews, Manners, Etiquettes Dress code for interview, Quality concept, occupational safety and Health legislations in India. Overview of existing Occupational Safety & Health(OSH) legislation in India, the Factories Act, Workers Compensation Act, Employees State Insurance Act., HIV aids, STD, HIV risk behavior and activities what is safe or risky.

Entrepreneurship Self employment Scheme, characteristics of successful entrepreneur, successful enterprise.

Course Available

Name of Trade/Course Approved Seats Minimum Qualification
Plumber 32 8th Pass
Welder 24 8th Pass
Computer Operator & Programming Assistant 40 12th Pass