Our Logo


The logo reinforces the origin, corporate identity, and leadership of the group and seeks to elicit independent recognition in the fiercely competitive scenario. It serves to ascribe high aspiration value to SVGOI and make it stand as an organization espousing contemporary standards and values.

Combination Mark

The logo combines an icon and typography. It is legible, highly recognizable and gives the flexibility of usage in various places ranging from stationary to OOH communications. The foundational arch of the combination mark stands for global standards and reach. The 'milestone mnemonic' symbolizes the indispensable presence of the group institutions in the learning journey. Individual characters drawn in cubic fashion subtly suggest the proximity and connection to the City Beautiful.



Blue and Orange carry forward the decade-long legacy and serve as a vital past-present visual connect. Orange also depicts youthfulness and thus strikes an instant bond with the students. Blue is generally associated in the academia with success and achievement.


Trojan Pro is a serif font with elegant and sweeping curves. This typeface lends style and communicates the purpose and institutional ideals better.
"Strength is Life" symbolizes a person with strong will power to achieve any success.